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Our Process

The first step is to meet with our project coordinator, Dean Eggers, so he can explain the powerful opportunity of building your own home. He will answer all of your questions and determine whether this is the right path to maximize your experience and investment.

The best projects start with the most complete and accurate plans. Through our value engineering and design services, we suggest possible construction methods and materials that can save you money, time, and stress. We work closely with you and your professional designer, architect, and engineer to fully understand your vision. We can also help with architect, designer, engineer, or subcontractor recommendations if you haven’t made your choices.

Once your plans are complete, Desert Lumber’s experts go to work estimating the rough framing material needs (such as lumber, trusses, and hardware). We look for plan discrepancies and help your team immediately resolve any issues. Sorting out any issues during the estimation stage rather than at the time of construction will save you time and money.

By utilizing state-of-the-art design software, our team of experts creates efficient floor and/or roof truss layouts and profiles based on your architect’s and engineer’s drawings. These layouts will be integrated with the entire framing system. For your lumber and hardware estimate, our professional estimating team ensures that you have a highly accurate takeoff based on your plans. Our goal is to ensure that all design teams are on the same page.

Our estimators take their responsibilities seriously, spending the necessary time to analyze every detail of the blueprint.

Once all the estimates have been completed, the project manager and estimator will meet with you to explain all the costs associated with our pricing (including payment options).

We look forward to the day when we are awarded your project. Once the proposal is signed, we begin the process of locking in your pricing and confirming all bid information. Next, we will confirm that all issues and/or changes have been dealt with so we can guarantee all lists. This guarantee means that if we make an error on our takeoffs, it will not affect your construction costs. This also means that all lumber lists, hardware lists, and truss books (with layouts) are now yours and are presented to you at the pre-start construction meeting.

The pre-start meeting is one of the most important meetings we will have with you. Your framing subcontractor is invited to join us as we sit down with your team and ours to discuss unique construction designs and go over all lists in detail. The purpose of this meeting is threefold. First, we want to make sure that all parties are on the same page regarding materials usage. Second, if any additional issues come to light, we want to resolve them quickly. Finally, we want to ensure that your construction experience is a positive one. Our team will continue to work with you through this stage of your project to ensure a successful project.

At this point, you will see how Desert Lumber saves you time and money, and adds value to the construction process. We coordinate all the purchasing, floor layouts, truss designs, and material deliveries with the general contractor/owner and the framing contractor on site. You will enjoy staying up to date with frequent jobsite visits from our project coordinator, as well as frequent photos and progress reports that are uploaded to your password-protected client portal on our website.