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Building a home can be an amazing experience. Every stage brings reward; from pouring of the foundation to raising the roof, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. At Desert Lumber, we consider it a privilege to participate in this process. That is why we spend an extraordinary amount of time on construction services and details. We understand that your home is a major investment and by protecting that investment, we will gain a client for life.

Eliminate the guesswork. Our experienced estimating team will coordinate and communicate with our truss designers, your architect, and/or your engineer to ensure we meet all the architectural and structural criteria with the most economical designs and materials.

The list is critical. In our experience, most projects that go off track were doomed from the beginning because of the accuracy of the material list. Our estimating department will competitively price your project. We provide you with the material take-off list when we are awarded the project.