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Truss Products

Floor Trusses

Just call it addition by subtraction. We reduce material to increase your profits without sacrificing the integrity or performance of your structure. Open web floor trusses by Desert Lumber & Truss are an efficient and cost effective way to design a floor system for custom homes, tract homes, and multi-family projects. The open space between chords allows for easier routing of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. They also offer superior strength, longer spans, and greater design flexibility.

Roof Trusses

We build your roof and your margin. Roof trusses can reduce your construction cycle time, provide solutions to difficult projects, and maximize your bottom line. Utilizing the MiTek system of building products, Desert Lumber & Truss designs and produces some of the highest quality engineered trusses in the marketplace. We will ensure that your project’s roof trusses add seamless construction to the design.

Truss Design

It's more exciting than it sounds. The roof and floor designs are two of the most important components of the construction process. Desert Lumber & Truss design experts use the most sophisticated software on the market to ensure quality control, accuracy, and code compliance. Our talented designers will communicate with your architect, engineer, and framer to coordinate the entire process from concept to delivery.